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The compassion you showed to the people we serve at Building and Restoring Hope Inc. Cullen Adult Day Care is an inspiration for us all. We appreciate the respect and kindness you showed our clients, no matter the situation. We are glad you were able to relieve the stress for the people who find themselves in need of the services. Your words and actions go a long way toward helping them keep their dignity. Here at Cullen Adult Day Care, we want to stay thank you for all your hard work.
Thank you,
Adrienne Ewing, Program Director

“Well, I got the best haircut (from Have Shears Will Travel) for free and did not have to travel. Seriously, the stylist was very attentive to my desires and the quality was superb. She’s on my calendar.” Billy R. Jenkins - SEARCH resident

"I want to thank you both for the service that you provided our men. Every man I spoke with that got a haircut was grateful and seemed to admire their new look. I pray for many blessings on you both and also to Have Shears Will Travel. May your business and ministry prosper."
-Daniel Garza, MSW, LCDC - Open Door Mission

Testimonies from Salvation Army Family Residence:
       "The boys and girls haircuts rocked! Big thanks from our family!" Ms. Susan Montgomery
       "Thank you so much for coming out and cutting my kids' hair. We appreciate all your hard work. Thanks again and we love the haircuts. Keep up the great work that you do!"Ms. Beatrice Rhodes
       "My son and I enjoyed our haircuts. I appreciate the time spent on my son's hair. He is always saying he loves his haircut. Thanks for taking the time to come out to the shelter to do haircuts. I know I really appreciate it."  Ms. Mary Vasquez

"The ladies who got their hair cut really enjoyed you coming in and are looking fabulous!  They are already excited about your return.  So thank you very much, your gift is so much more than a haircut."
-Allison Cleveland, Administrative Assistant at Angela House.

“Have Shears will Travel was hair therapy! Ms. Goodson was so great with our women. She brought their beauty out, and raised their self-esteem.”
- Angela House Program Coordinator

 “Ms. Barbara took 10 years off of me! I felt so beautiful after she was done.” - Martha, Angela House Resident
"Barbara!  That is so great!  She had a great time!  I love the hair!!  We will do it again soon, as we get new families! You’re a wonderful person, thank you for doing this for us!  IN Peace, Carole."
-Carole Brady, Director of Family Promise, Lake Houston

Statement: Parishioners of LOTS respond with a resounding “I feel like a new person” each time they leave the chair of “Have Shears Will Travel.” It is very esteeming and life-affirming to give dignity through such a generous act. It’s true “when your hair looks good you feel good.” Have Shears Will Travel makes life good for those who often must search deeply and endlessly for that good feeling.
-Myra Mitchell, Community Outreach Director
Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church

“For many of our clients, this is more than a haircut. It’s a transformation of their confidence, dignity, and self-worth.”
- Kelly Ward, LMSW, LCDC, SEARCH Homeless Services

"What a self-esteem booster! They all look wonderful." ~Nadine
"The girl's haircuts look good and professional," ~Rosemary

~Two of the girls got jobs today.
~One girl is graduating.
~One baby got his 1st haircut and he just slept right through it!
Nadine Wallace Coordinator of Volunteers Covenant House Texas

NEW HOPE HOUSING GIVES HAVE SHEARS WILL TRAVEL RAVE REVIEWS..... a special thank you to Oenita and Bijou for their heart and hands to serve!
Hi Barbara,
The haircuts were a HUGE hit!!! The residents talked about them and compared cuts all day!! Thank you so much - small things that lots of us take for granted - like a simple haircut - really do mean so much to our population. It was my pleasure to get to be a part of it and just to get to witness the impact!!! We would love to have you all come back monthly and the 2nd Thursday of the month works for us. There are several residents that missed out last week that would like to sign up already. Looking forward to it already myself!! Thanks so much!!!
Patti Doggett
Community Manager

New Hope Housing Canal

“When Barbara arrived and began to set up her portable salon, there was a palpable shift in the energy in the house. It was such a positive experience. We are so grateful to Barbara for including the women of Angela House in her ‘Have Shears Will Travel’ ministry.”
-Sr. Maureen O’Connell, Executive Director, Angela House

“Ms. Barbara was inspiring to be around; she made me feel so comfortable when I sat in her chair.”-Dee, Angela House Resident

 “Ms. Barbara transformed us! She brought our inner beauty to the outside.”-Trina, Angela House Resident

We greatly appreciate all of your work and dedication to our clients. Thank you for the countless makeovers you provide monthly & smiles you bring to their face. Kind regards,
Adrienne Ewing l Program Director
Building and Restoring Hope, Inc. Cullen Adult Day Care